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Capturing the moments that matter most.

Your memories, your people, and your story matters. That's the beauty of photography - it is the timeless documentation of the things you hope you never forget.


I'm Kristen

I'm a photographer based in Hamilton, Ontario. I started taking pictures in high school with anyone who would let me shoot for them...some of my "best" early work included begging my sisters to model for me on our country road and taking pictures on my little Canon Rebel at a graduation ceremony. 

These days my camera is a little nicer and I have models that aren't my relatives, but my love for this art form and capturing beautiful moments hasn't changed.    Delivering a gallery, seeing images I've taken shared online or in frames, and interacting with clients brings me so much joy. And let's be real - getting to attend weddings as a job? The literal dream. Somebody actually pinch me.

When I'm not taking photos, you can find me thrifting sweaters that seem better suited to a grandma than a twenty-something, listening to podcasts, running, or baking.

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