CONGRATULATIONS! You're engaged!

You've got the ring, booked your venue, found a photographer, and your engagement photoshoot is fast approaching. Now what?

If the idea of planning out your engagement shoot is stressing you out - or if it's not stressful at all and you just want to make sure you've covered all your bases - this post is for you!

Don't make it into something that feels unnatural to you.

Social media is hands down my least favourite part of this job, to be transparent. A big part of that is the pressure to follow trends and the comparison game. These pressures don't just impact business owners, they also impact individuals. You've probably seen a lot of other people's engagement pictures online at this point, and you may have even looked for ideas for your own shoot on Pinterest or Instagram. Inspiration images are great and can be really helpful - I often ask for inspiration images, especially if a client has a really specific vision for their shoot. BUT - don't do something that feels unnatural to you as a couple just because it looked cool in someone else's photos.

Location, location, LOCATION

  • Consider doing your shoot somewhere that holds some significance to you (first date location? place you met?)
  • Make sure to check if there's a photography "fee" where you want to shoot. Places like botanical gardens, museums, and even coffee shops may require a permit to shoot. If you're willing to cover the fee, awesome! If not, it's best to find another location. Keep in mind that even if someone else has gotten photos taken somewhere that normally requires a permit without paying, that doesn't necessarily mean you will be able to. Even if you can sneak in, your photographer could get in trouble and lose some reputability.
  • Be aware of the weather. You can definitely shoot outside any time of year. But, if you book an outdoor shoot in the winter, you may have to make some style sacrifices. Which brings us to...

What to Wear


  • Dress for the weather - even if it means some aesthetic sacrifices. Beauty is not pain, and a coat is always a good idea.
  • Textured fabrics (they photograph really well) - denim, corduroy, etc. 
  • Layers (especially jackets for the guys)
  • Watches, jewelry, and hair accessories (if they make sense with the outfit you've chosen) 
  • Clothes that have some "movement" to them (flowing skirt, puffy sleeves, etc)


  • Athletic gear (unless it is needed for the activity you're doing) - avoid running shoes, lycra, etc.
  • Mismatched colours - you DO NOT need to wear neutrals, but whatever colours you each wear should at least complement each other.
  • Mismatched levels of "dressed-up". If one of you is wearing a formal gown and one of you is in blue jeans - Houston, we may have a problem.

More Tips

  • Your engagement session is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer before the big day. As you're shaking out your pre-session nerves, remember that they may be a bit nervous about making a great first impression too - so you're not alone!
  • Trust your photographer and commit to full-send the prompts they give you...they are not going to judge you for looking silly as you walk while bumping hips...which they literally told you to do.
  • Set any boundaries right out the gate. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be kissing in your engagement photos. Depending on your personal boundaries, faith convictions or cultural traditions, certain kinds of physical contact may be out of bounds for you - and that is okay. Make sure to communicate these boundaries to your photographer. If they are truly professional, they will respect these boundaries in the prompts they give you.

You're all set! Have a great shoot:)